#TheReadingQuest | 2017

Hey guys! How are you doing? it's been quite some times since my last post. I honestly have no excuse, I've been so busy with life and college stuff, lol. So, I recently found out about a really unique read-a-thon from Catriona's channel (Little Book Owl) and I thought it would be fun to join … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest | 2017


Most Anticipated Books of 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! I can't believe today's already the first day of 2017! Seriously, 2016 has gone by so fast! So, today I'm bringing you my most anticipated books of 2017! I have here 17 books with me because you know, 17 books as in 2017? 😉 Anyway, I arranged the list from my … Continue reading Most Anticipated Books of 2017

[Review] An Ember in the Ashes (Indonesian Edition)

Title : An Ember in the Ashes Author : Sabaa Tahir Publisher : Spring Publication Date : December 1st, 2016 Language : Indonesian Read in : November 16th, 2016 My Rating : ★★★★ 4.00 "Laia seorang budak. Elias seorang prajurit. Keduanya bukan orang merdeka. Saat kakak laki-laki Laia ditahan dengan tuduhan pemberontakan, Laia harus mengambil keputusan. … Continue reading [Review] An Ember in the Ashes (Indonesian Edition)

[Review] Cress (Indonesian Edition)

Title : Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) Author : Marissa Meyer Publisher : Spring Publication Date : June 2016 Language : Indonesian My Rating : ★★★★★ 5.00 "Cinder dan Kapten Thorne masih buron. Scarlet dan Wolf bergabung dalam rombongan kecil mereka, berencana untuk menggulingkan Levana dari takhtanya. Mereka mengharapkan bantuan dari seorang gadis bernama Cress. … Continue reading [Review] Cress (Indonesian Edition)